We build systems that help you turn forest, carbon sink, and biodiversity information into action


Customized Forest Management Systems


Arbonaut develops a diverse range of Forest Information Systems (FIS) to aid organizations in the challenge of keeping forestry data always up to date. Our solutions support a great number of users in collecting, managing, analyzing, and sharing valid data within the forest area along with dynamic collaboration and decision-making. As our experts are profoundly committed to addressing unique customer needs, we will tailor your system with only relevant functionalities following the latest trends and research.


Decision Support Systems and Data Sharing


Increasing digital data quantities and their varying quality exposes the world to a new challenge in managing and analyzing data efficiently. Besides, we know that modern decision-making often requires a multi-dimensional understanding of environmental, social, and economic conditions to meet Sustainable Development Goals. For that reason, Arbonaut provides Decision Support Systems (DSS) with intuitive web and mobile interfaces to support you with informed, well-defined policies and legislation implementation. In addition, our DSS applications will assist you in the selection of a suitable course of action with efficient tools and quality assurance measures.

Our DSS systems’ current use cases include but are not limited to forest sector monitoring, deforestation and forest restoration, forest clearance, and conservation area zoning and management.