Transitioning your forest management planning and operations from forest to desktop with accurate forestry data


Operating Conditions


Besides trees, forest operations depend on the operability of the terrain and other factors. Very detailed topography, seasonal operability, drivability, visibility, wetness, and thinning yield are only some of the elements that might affect your work productivity. Detection of these elements traditionally would have required fieldwork to collect the data. Instead, you can take full advantage of planning your operations digitally from your desktop while being equipped with high-accuracy data.


Forest Road Management


Good access to forest resources defines their value. Arbonaut road analysis uses LiDAR data to provide you with a database of the road conditions and maintenance needs. Surface quality, structural shape, and brush cutting needs are the components of a complete road management package. Additionally, our team analyzes drainage networks and geometric visibility. Whether for managing road networks or developing projects on a target territory, this data allows you to see the big picture with attention to detail.


Ditch Network Management


Drainage conditions are one of the key factors affecting forest growth, carbon sink, and water protection. Arbonaut’s patented analysis uses LiDAR data and ditch centerlines to measure the operation of ditch networks, thus minimizing erosion, sedimentation, and nutrient loads. The hydrological connectivity model allows you to analyze the water flow volumes and plan restoration or maintenance operations from the comfort of your office.