Up-to-date and reliable forest data in your multi-functional forest management


LiDAR Inventories


As a pioneer in remote sensing-based data collection and processing, we developed an accurate and cost-efficient forest inventory method based on LiDAR data, optical imagery, and measurements collected during field campaigns. Our approach ensures that you will get the most accurate picture of vegetation by creating a three-dimensional digital twin of your forest. You can widely apply the data collected for timber inventory in management and decision-making tasks, while raster products derived from that data make possible the visualization and modeling of the vegetation and terrain. So far, Arbonaut has conducted a LiDAR-based evaluation for over 15 million ha in natural, semi-natural, tropical forests, and plantations, relying on our international partner network to acquire the needed data.


UAV Technology


Our customers involved in forest operation activities and monitoring of harvesting sites need precise information about individual tree characteristics, such as location, species, diameter, and height. In small area inventories, we use drone technology to produce remarkably accurate data efficiently and with reduced field visits. Thus, drones can be used to monitor and evaluate forest operations quality and certification requirements and to enforce forest laws and regulations. The high quality of the data offers the possibility of mapping habitats, species-area relationships, and deadwood in your forest, leading you to make good decisions related to conservation and restoration of forest ecosystems.