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Arbonaut offers a diverse range of web, desktop, and cloud-based software solutions and mobile applications to meet all your unique needs. Combining technical expertise, a strong development process, and superior project management skills, we provide our customers with high-grade and user-friendly applications characterized by positive end-user feedback. The unnecessary processes, tools, and licenses will be fully avoided.

Harness the benefits of digital forestry to your advantage

  • Highly tailorable to your specific needs

    Custom-built interface and relevant functionalities will give you the greatest value of digital forestry

  • All data is in one place

    We combine various sources of data into a single platform for you, powered by the latest tech and tools

  • Keep data literally in your hands

    Our mobile apps include GPS and offline functionalities that will come in handy when you are out in the field

  • Cost-effective for your operations

    Our solutions aim to greatly reduce your costs by saving resources and shifting your work to a digital space



  • Prepare yourself for the forest fire season by designing your own effective prevention plans that will lead to reduced suppression and restoration costs.
  • By getting the complete package for advanced risk evaluations, you can minimize fires or turn previously devastating ones into less intense and easier to control. Plus, less greenhouse gas emissions will be released into the air!
  • Optimize your processes by having the knowledge of every critical parameter in an area provided by highly precise remote sensing data. Save your resources and, most importantly, human lives.
  • Predict vulnerability of infrastructures and raise public awareness of potential fire risks to reinforce preventative actions in private properties.


Map out and visualize fire fuels and potential fire spread.
Analyze the key natural and artificial elements to identify potential high-risk areas that need preventative actions.
Monitor the real situation and potential danger to houses and infrastructures in wildland-urban interface areas (WUI).
Find the best access to the site, safe support zones (natural and artificial firebreaks) and assess vehicle maneuverability to plan out a fast suppression response.
Collaborate with your team and make safe decisions for the crew.


  • Enjoy efficient, rapid operation management from the comfort of your office without getting lost in countless spreadsheets and piles of paper.
  • Observe the real-time picture of your operations at any given time. Automatically generated reports are just a few clicks away!
  • Increase the transparency and workflow of your activities to always be on the same page with your team and stakeholders.
  • ProMS is a convenient platform to host your data and analyses and is easily integrated into your existing systems or processes.


Host and manage spatial data and operations efficiently.
Draw elements (polygons, lines, points, etc.) in all user interfaces including mobile.
Track work progress and generate reports.
Distribute different access rights for data view and usage of certain functionalities for each user.
Engage in dynamic collaboration and decision-making.

ProMS fits within diverse industries and has been supporting these use cases:

  • Railway network safety
    Visualize the analysis of visibility, falling trees and depression of track ballast
  • Roadside wood management
    Locate roadside storage sites or plan transportation of raw material
  • Powerline safety
    Manage vegetation risk and working sites through ProMS platform
  • Afforestation and reforestation activities
    Plan actions and monitor process to indicate progress
  • Forest
    Handle pre-harvest planning or forest road optimization
  • Deforestation monitoring
    Combine remote sensing data analysis and field validation
  • Roads & Transportation management
    Increase intersection safety with automatic analyses
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  • ArboFIS will assist you throughout the entire forest management process and in your daily operations of coordinating forest management plans with ease and fewer resources.
  • Always have access to valid, comprehensive data on your forests with a centralized database. The data you collect offline in the field will automatically transfer into the web platform. No more scattered data and difficulties accessing the information!
  • Implement the sustainable management of forests. The reporting tools in ArboFIS will help you to indicate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 15.2), and other development goals set in international strategies against climate change.


Flawlessly plan, monitor, and report your silvicultural activities.
Apply adaptive tools for managing forests and agroforestry areas at local, regional, and national levels, as well as harvesting plans.
Keep a record of the various actors involved in your processes.
Distribute different access rights for data view and usage of certain functionalities for each user.
Engage in dynamic collaboration and decision-making.