Arbonaut’s customers are dealing with critical business decisions on a daily basis. They face such issues as focusing limited resources to the most critical tasks, maintaining safe environment under power lines or ensuring environmental safety as a part of nuclear fuel management. They make these critical decisions, based on accurate and timely information, which is delivered in the suitable way and tailored for each case. Databases include all refined information needed for the management of the infrastructure or vegetation and allow to base decisions on reliable facts.

Arbonaut helps electricity transmission companies to secure uninterrupted supply of electricity and railway companies to preserve integrity of the infrastructures and improve security.

We use lidar-based remote sensing technology to identify and manage dangerous objects situated close to electric lines. The analysis includes a classification of objects according to clearance urgency and priority; furthermore, it delivers a detailed and accurate overview of the vegetation census around targeted objects. Added to PROMS, our sophisticated cloud based spatial workflow management system, the analysis makes monitoring and management of the field work and cost follow up into a smooth process adapted to our customers internal procedures.

The use of lidar provides our customers with accurate and reliable three dimensional information about the structure of the canopy. Voxel analysis generates information on fuel location and propagation ways in horizontal and vertical axes. In addition, accurate Digital Terrain Model enables fire fighters to manage their action and detect an access to the field. Lidar based analysis provides suitable information for Forest Fires modeling systems such as FIRESITES, where weather conditions and other relevant parameters are added.

Arbonaut’s specialists assist our customers in an implementation of models to generate spatial analysis of biosphere changes for a long time span. The possible impact of human actions or climate change in to the environment will be simulated with complexes scenario, for example, influences to the quality of water, modifications in ecosystems or diffusion of pollutants underground at landscape level.

Arbonaut has a successful track record of helping our private and public customers to collect, refine, integrate and use location-related information in their tools and processes. Over the years of experience, we have developed specialized knowledge in lidar data exploitation and in its combination with other data sources to address increasingly specifics needs with a higher accuracy.

What is lidar?