Statistically proven, 95% of wildfires are caused by poor forest management, climate change and lack of information about potential fire fuels prevention, etc. — in other words, by human factor. We lose millions of hectares of natural forests and protected natural areas all over the world leading to loss of natural ecosystems and, thus, long-term recovering. Minor negligence makes humans struggle with crucial consequences, such as loss of property and infrastructure, triggered by wildland-urban interface fires.
Arbonaut Fire Risk Management — ArboFiRM — is our solution to support strategic planning and decision-making for fire prevention and suppression on both the local and regional levels. It allows forest fire managers to forecast forest fire behavior and reduce the risk of fire spreading in wild land-urban interface. ArboFiRM is based on LiDAR data that enhances identification of canopy gaps, demonstration of potential fire spread and assessment of accessibility.

Data visualization

Map out fire fuels and potential fire spread applying multiple parameters at one map

Strategic planning of actions

Identify safe support zones, find the best location access and the closest water source, and assess vehicle maneuverability

Analysis of crucial factors

Exploit natural and artificial fuel breaks for fire lines

Safer decisions for fire crews

Plan out fast response before action and enable fire crews to mitigate fire hazard effectively and safely