Arbonaut produces spatial information and provides tools supporting customer’s natural resource management operations and decision-making. Our core expert team is consisted of foresters, mathematicians, GIS analysts and software developers with professional experience from research and production environments. An extensive partner network enables us to offer localized services worldwide.

We offer consultancy services to meet the demanding information needs and discover the most effective solutions to advance our customers' business. These solutions may include information system, data analysis and process development elements. Cost-efficient access to accurate and unbiased information requires solid knowledge on spatial data sources, powerful collection techniques and data analysis software.

Capacity-building is an integral part of our technology transfer approach. We provide short courses in GIS and remote sensing applications for natural resource and urban environment management. The course contents can be tailored according to the specific operational needs and software environments featured by both commercial and open source components.

Arbonaut engages actively in international and national research programs involving public and private sector partners. These programs are aiming to discover novel remote sensing techniques and spatial information products that serve identified user interests. We also support governments to adopt sustainable natural resources management policies and improved practices that promote local green growth initiatives.