Arbonaut has developed applications and services in close collaboration with customers for more than 20 years. We believe that our customers’ needs are unique. Arbonaut’s team of mathematicians, software architects, foresters and GIS specialists apply the latest knowledge to improve our customers' organizational productivity. Our experts are dedicated to improving the quality and productivity of data management processes by offering innovative, yet practical answers to today's competitive demands.

Arbonaut provides highly tailored service and product solutions. We develop fully customized software solutions based on customers’ business requirements and processes.


ArboTimber is a forest information search engine that enables finding timber according to user-specific requirements. Users can define several search criteria, such as main species, mean height, total volume or harvestability for the demanded forest stand, and ArboTimber will seek for matching stands in the search area. The precise location with property information and background map package for a specific forest stand can be purchased from the service.

ArboTimber is combining Arbonaut’s strong expertise in inventory and map production, as well as the long experience in GIS IT-platform development. The search engine is currently available only in Finland.


Arbonaut Fire Risk Management - ArboFiRM supports operational and strategic planning on both the local and regional level for fire prevention and suppression. It allows forest fire managers to forecast forest fire behaviours and reduce the risk of fire spreading in wild land-urban interface. Lidar data enhances identification of canopy gaps, demonstration of potential fire spread in the canopy and assessment of the accessibility.

The service enables fire crews to mitigate fire hazards effectively and safely. Analysed information can be used for further modelling in fire growth simulators or condensed into GIS compatible maps.


ArboEdu is a digital support for pedagogical work, taking pupils to learn out of the class room. With the easy-to-use application, teachers can create custom made tasks and learning routes outdoors. Pupils navigate with a mobile device from task to task, solving them in a stimulating environment.

ArboEdu can be used in primary schools, as well as in secondary- and upper secondary schools. Use of the application is not limited only to some specific subjects, as any can be integrated to tasks in the application. The application has been developed in close collaboration with Finnish teachers, and is based on Arbonaut’s previous experience in creating web-based learning environments.


Arbonaut’s Forest Inventory Tool, ArboLiDAR, allows users to run remote sensing based forest inventory, process lidar data, perform automatic segmentation and produce several GIS products as Canopy Height Model or voxel analysis. By purchasing ArboLiDAR our customers get also Arbonaut’s professional training services and user support by Arbonaut’s inventory team. ArboLiDAR have been used successfully for more than 10 million hectares inventories worldwide, in natural, semi-natural and tropical forests and in plantations.


ArboGIS is a fully tailorable open source GIS platform developed by Arbonaut in collaboration with several customers. Based on the latest open source technology innovations, ArboGIS offers advanced GIS tools for manipulating spatial information. ArboGIS platform can be further enhanced by adding a variety of different proprietary GIS modules. They can be added on demand to address specific GIS data management needs.

ArboGIS have been used as a core for services like Taaka-GIS for Metsähallitus and MörGIS for OTSO Forest Services.


ASTA is a visitor survey analysis suite designed in collaboration with Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland. ASTA assesses and analyses the visitor experiences from National and Nature Parks.

ASTA is capable of managing efficiently large amounts of complex data and study the interaction between the parks and other surrounding services including economic impacts.


ProMS is our open source computerized maintenance management information system (CMMIS) with a GIS interface that allows customers to increase the transparency and workflow of their activities.

The application enables users to visualize on the map, share workload, create alerts and produce reports automatically. ProMS have been used by Arbonaut in house for more than 100 000 km powerline safety analysis production and is adopted by several customers to manage they corridor infra.


HeiJoe is a game of education through orienteering using custom made routes. Users can download routes from our server, which are other public or private. Visiting targets will show extra information and short video clips/sounds/images.