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Combining Camera Relascope-Measured Field Plots and Multi-Seasonal Landsat 8 Imagery for Enhancing the Forest Inventory of Boreal Forests in Central Russia Predicting Tree Diameter Distributions from Airborne Laser Scanning, SPOT 5 Satellite, and Field Sample Data in the Perm Region, Russia LiDAR-Assisted Multi-source Processes (LAMP) for Measuring Above Ground Biomass and Forest Carbon Airborne Laser Scanning Based Forest Inventory - Perm Region, Russia Renewable and Sustianable Energy Reviews 2016 BEST-India Estimation of forest biomass using lidar-assisted multi-source programme (lamp). 6 p. Estimation of Forest Carbon Using LiDAR-Assisted Multi-source Programme (LAMP) in Nepal. 7 p. Integration of airborne LiDAR, satellite imagery, and field measurements using a two-phase sampling method for forest biomass estimation in tropical forests. 7 p. LiDAR-Assisted Multi-source Program_FRA Bulletin. 2 p. Monitoring Aboveground Forest Biomass A Comparison of Cost and Accuracy between LiDAR-Assisted Multisource Programme (LAMP) and Field-based Forest Resource Assessment (FRA) in Nepal. 14 p. Nepal's ER-PIN to FCPF Carbon Fund (ANNEXES) - March, 2014 The Use of Satellite Imagery to Guide Field Plot Sampling Scheme for Biomass Estimation in Ghanian Forest. 6 p. An accurate REDD+ reference level for Terai Arc Landscape, Nepal using LiDAR Assisted Multi-source Programme (LAMP) Estimation of above ground Forest biomass and Carbon stock by Integrating LiDAR, satellite image and field measurement in Nepal Modelling and Predicting the Growing Stock Volume in Small-Scale Plantation Forests of Tanzania Using Multi-Sensor Image Synergy